Headmaster's Welcome

Mr Kevin Allwright

It gives me great pleasure to have been asked to be the headmaster of this wonderful school. Without the parents, who have taken such a leap of faith, and their marvellous children, this project would be nothing. I salute and thank them. I can promise you that we, the Headfort staff, will do everything in our power to give the children a positive and memorable Headfort experience.

Headfort is a school that is steeped in its own unique history, wrapped in a setting with its own story to tell. This school has character and characters. We are so lucky to still have some of them around. They will keep the traditions intact and ensure that the ethos will be protected. We are however a new entity in an old identity and with that in mind we have the license to move forward and take up the challenge of embracing a wonderful future.

As primary schools in Ireland continue to evolve, we at Headfort are aware of the necessity of offering added value. To that end we provide small class sizes, enhanced curriculum and a broad social and sports programme. Headfort is unique in that it fosters lifetime relationships not only between pupils but also between staff and pupils in a manner more common to secondary schools. And those relationships last forever!

If this was not true why else would past pupils Marcus Williams and Jack Blakiston Houston be working so hard to relaunch this school? Their bonds with the school are truly amazing. These two great characters are not the only ones who strongly believe in Headfort. A volunteer board has made our progress to this point the focal point of their lives. Their level of commitment is incredible.

So much done in such a short time! Mark Pery-Knox-Gore has seamlessly replaced Ronnie Culliton as the chairman. Lorraine Mancey’s cheerfulness and fortitude has been an inspiration. Jacob Kestner has worked so hard; we wouldn’t be at this point without him. Our senior management team, Mike Bolton and Tracey Maree, along with Rupert Butler our finance director, have also worked so hard this summer. I’m grateful to them for their input and insightfulness.

Our invigorated new school gives us an incredible opportunity moving forward.

Headfort Boys and Girls: “Welcome to your future.”


Since writing the above, we have of course had the second and third waves of the Coronavirus and like all schools, we have had to revert to online teaching. Our dedicated staff and pupils have adapted to this situation both positively and competently. I believe they are getting the very best out of all that modern technology has to offer.

We do, like everyone, yearn for the return to live, in-person lessons, but our health is our future and we are all working together to make the very best of what we have.