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Since its establishment over 70 years ago, Headfort set itself apart in its liberal approach to education with small classes and specialist teachers. Having undergone a reincarnation in 2020, this co-educational and non-denominational school offers outstanding primary education for both day and boarding pupils where sport and extra curricular activities form an integral part of each school day.

Set among 60 acres of stunning grounds and with the unique backdrop of a Robert Adam-designed interior just a mile from the ancient town of Kells, Headfort inspires independence in children, whilst maintaining strong academic credentials.

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Vision & Ethos

An Education That Lasts A Lifetime

Headfort encourages individuality in children. We aspire to academic excellence whilst providing a place where strong and enduring relationships are able to flourish from an early age.


Our setting allows an unrushed childhood. Encouraging a broad approach to learning: an all-round education. And yet it also ensures that each and every child can perform to the best of their academic ability.

Our Aim


To provide an education like no other, fostering an environment in which children are able to learn, explore and play.

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To promote the educational development of each child, instilling confidence, and recognising individual strengths and talent.

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To encourage sound moral values, centred around compassion and kindness; attitudes and habits that promote diversity and that foster inclusion.

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To prepare each child for their future education, regularly placing pupils in top Irish and British Independent Schools.

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To foster resilience, critical thinking and problem solving: essential skills in the context of our new global environment.

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To be a school of educational excellence, by providing the highest level of academic attainment and development for each child.

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